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Too often, people forget to protect their family, life and wealth and leave their loved ones with not only the emotional pain of dealing with loss, but the turmoil and difficulty of dealing with their estate and financial affairs.

We know. You don’t want to talk about it, let alone think about it. No one wants too.

But if you don’t plan to protect your family and wealth, in the correct way, your loved ones could miss out on your hard-earned wealth, not to mention pay unnecessary taxes and costs after you have gone.

DLP Life Design offer both the professional and personal experience, coupled with compassion to provide you with education and quality advice when it comes to designing an estate plan for your family. DLP Life Design has teamed with our preferred specialist law firm to provide a facilitation service to consider holistically your estate planning needs.

Estate Planning is one of the most important tasks to complete as part of your Financial Plan.

Death effects everyone and can knock on any door, at any time.

Do any of the following apply to you? If so, it is important that these things are considered when designing your estate’s plan.

  • Do you have a blended family, step children, adopted children or children born through special means such as surrogacy?
  • Do you have dependents who have special needs?
  • Do you know any people who may be upset with the provisions of your will?
  • Do you have any previous life spouse relationships that do not have full financial closure, including sharing custody of your biological children?
  • Do you and any spouse own assets jointly?
  • Do you have assets owned jointly with any other person (besides you and your spouse)?
  • Have you ever agreed to make a mutual will, or enter into anything that creates an obligation about your estate (including a binding financial agreement or a court order?)
  • Are you a potential beneficiary of or named in a control position (such as Principal, Appointor or Trustee) of an existing trust?
  • Are you a member of a SMSF?
  • Have you signed any form of superannuation nomination or nominated a reversionary pension?
  • Are you a director of a company or partner of a partnership?
  • Do you hold investment assets outside of Australia


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