Aged Care

With our ageing population, the wave of older Australians will continue to grow over the coming decades. At DLP Life Design we believe that we can no longer afford to ignore the issues around aged care with over 1 million retirees already accessing aged care services in Australia.

Planning ahead will help to demystify aged care and clarify your options. With awareness and pre-planning, you can maintain control and choice, have access to the financial resources to pay for care and minimise any stress on you and your family.

Change is often an un-avoidable part of life. Whether we choose it or not, our living arrangements often need to change as we age. We may need a lower maintenance home, more help to stay in our home or have care provided in a residential service. These decisions are important ones and should not be rushed. Its essential to get the right information, and to plan ahead and to give yourself time to make the best decisions for you.


Considering Aged Care needs can however be a really stressful time. But early planning and good advice can help enormously. Getting the right advice can help to clarify your options, understand the consequences of decisions (before you have to make them) and reduce stress for all involved. When it comes to ageing and aged care, we will all be faced with many personal and financial decisions to navigate. At DLP Life Design we can help you through this difficult process.

To help clients understand the complexities and costs of aged care, we offer specialist advice in this important area. We provide this assistance to retiree clients who are planning for changes as retirement progresses, as well as to clients who need assistance securing care and important financial advice for their elderly parents or loved ones.

Preparing the way for yourself or a loved one for aged care, whether that be at home or in residential care, can be such a difficult and stressful task. But you don’t have to face it alone. At DLP Life Design we can help guide you through the process by providing support and the right information to create effective solutions for you and your family when you need it the most.

We can help you and your family:

  • Understand the range of care options and how the system works.
  • Outline the steps ahead to access the right care for you.
  • Talk about accommodation options and the pros and cons of each.
  • By being your central reference point for clear and relevant information on aged care and how your finances are impacted.
  • Identify what’s most important when in order to achieve your goals and to get the best outcome from a complex system.
  • Review your financial situation to help provide solutions that allow you to meet your goals.
  • Evaluate what you can afford and what Government assistance you can receive so you can focus on finding the most suitable place or service and feel confident that it will be affordable.
  • Explain the range of care fees and how they are calculated and estimate what you may be asked to pay along with outlining your options for covering this expense.
  • Determine the financial implications of keeping or selling the home.
  • Evaluate options and strategies for covering your accommodation costs.
  • Consider strategies to improve your age pension entitlement and/or reduce your aged care fees.
  • Look at options to help generate regular income to help you cover care fees and living costs.
  • Take into account your family situation and estate planning needs.
  • Conduct family meetings to provide balanced information to all family members and keep everyone on the same page.
aged couple

At DLP Life Design we understand that the path through life does not always turn out as we had once planned. Our mission is to help you build a foundation to move forward with confidence and to make informed decisions when life happens. As a business we specialise in helping those experiencing life changing events. It’s at these times that big financial decisions are often required. We can provide clarity around your financial decisions and help you to get the most out of life no matter what challenges you are faced with. We are passionate about providing advice that is personalised, empowering and delivers outcomes based on your goals that you want to achieve. This well and truly applies to aged care.

At DLP Life Design we believe that the right care option is all about quality of life. In aged care there can be a big difference between a good outcome and a bad outcome. However, getting the right advice from professionals who specialise and understand the complex issues surrounding our aged care system, will ensure a much better outcome.

We therefore encourage you to contact the office to find out more about our aged care advice service. Getting the right information and advice now will help you make the best choices for your future care, security and happiness.

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