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Invest in what’s important

Once you’ve learned what money means to you — and defined what truly matters in your life — let's design your portfolio with your priorities.

Own your tomorrow - Clarity. Confidence. Control

Relying on careful research and with access to a full suite of strategies, your adviser will create an investment blueprint that considers every facet of your entire financial life. Throughout your journey, we’ll select, monitor and adjust those investments in response to life’s inevitable ebbs and flows. The result is an investment plan you can stick to — and believe in.

DLP Life Designs unique Investment Philosophy

As always, our focus is on giving you clarity, confidence and control in every aspect of your financial life. Our investment process is no exception. Let us help you to enjoy a better investment experience.


Focus on what you can control

DLP Life Design can create a plan tailored to your personal financial needs while helping you focus on actions that add value. This can lead to a better investment experience.


Manage your emotions and look beyond the headlines

You may have concerns and fears about losing money in the markets. DLP Life Design can help keep you disciplined when everything seems scary, euphoric, and everyone around you is running in one direction. Letting our emotions take over our investments, can lead to making poor investment decisions at the worst times.


Be mindful of your impact

Every investment has an impact. All Investors have values. Why not align your personal values into your investment portfolio? DLP Life Design can help you remove companies that don’t match your values and invest more heavily in companies that do. These sustainability focused investments consider both the environment issues, such as greenhouse gas emissions and social issues, such as factory farming and child labour.


Invest, don’t speculate

Resist chasing past performance. Over time, only a small fraction of money managers outperform the market after fees, and it is difficult to identify them in advance. The market’s pricing power often works against managers who try to outsmart other participants through stock picking or market timing.


Take a long term approach

The financial markets have rewarded long-term investors. People expect a positive return on the capital they supply, and historically, the equity and bond markets have provided growth of wealth that has more than offset inflation.


Practice smart diversification

It's not enough to diversify by security. Deeper diversification involves geographic and asset class diversity. Holding a global portfolio helps to lower concentration in individual securities and increases diversification. Diversification within your home market is not enough. Global diversification can broaden your investment universe.


Consider the drivers of returns

Academic research has identified these equity and fixed income dimensions, which point to differences in expected returns. These dimensions are pervasive, persistent, and robust and can be pursued in cost-effective portfolios. DLP Life Design can give you access to institutional investments that are not available to all investors.


Let the markets work for you

The market is an effective information-processing machine. Millions of participants buy and sell securities in the world markets every day, and the real-time information they bring helps set prices.


Avoid market timing

You never know which market segments will outperform from year to year. By holding a globally diversified portfolio, you are well positioned to capture returns wherever they occur. Regular ongoing investing assists to build long term wealth. Do not procrastinate about making that investment decision.


Follow your passion

You didn’t become successful by worrying about your money. Delegating your investment decisions to DLP Life Design can allow you to focus on the things that bring you joy and eliminate the stress and worry of managing your own portfolio. Maybe try meditation with your newfound time. Life is too short!

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