What is your Advice process?

Our process is comprehensive and broken down into 5 steps

1. Let’s Meet and Discover

Our first step is to meet at our Discovery Session, which is complementary. By the end of our discovery meeting, we will have a general overview of your situation and you will have gained a feel for our approach and the services we offer. It is at this meeting we can discuss if we are able to add value to your situation and can usually provide indicative costs.

This process is designed for you to commit only to the areas of advice you want and need, leaving you in complete control.

2. Let’s get to the core and talk specific strategy

We use this second appointment to dig deep. We talk more specifically about your personal and financial desires and what’s important to you. We map out your short, medium, and long-term goals.

We talk about strategies that are specific to your individual situation. By this appointment we have a much more thorough understanding about your current position and where you want to take it.

During this time, we assist you to understand different concepts, such as investments and take you through a series of questions to ensure we fully understand what you’re comfortable with. In addition to creating wealth, we also go through a “needs analysis” to ensure we don’t just assist you with creating wealth but we ensure we protect it too.

This appointment is all about educating and empowering our clients. Our strategies are tested, optimised, formulated and designed, based on the life that you want to design.

3. Let’s review our Recommendations and Implement

Now that we have determined your strategy, which is as individual as you, its time for us to design and implement your financial plan just for you. Only once you are satisfied with your plan, we will assist you to put it all in place.

4. Let’s touch base with you to ensure that nothing has been missed

We understand that life can be busy, and time passes quickly. We like to schedule this last appointment before your next “annual review” to ensure all the required strategies have been set up so that you are on your way to meeting your desired goals. At this appointment we simply just check in and ensure that everything is moving along the way it should be. This appointment may be as simple as a skype or phone call or you may prefer to come in and see us. It usually takes place between two and four weeks after our implementation appointment.

5. Our Ongoing Service

Although your financial plan has been implemented, we are still here.

Depending on the level of ongoing service you chose, this service is designed to provide you with access to us, with regular content to increase your knowledge, and your specified review meetings to see how you are tracking.

Throughout these meetings we will re-visit your goals, ensure you are on track to achieving them, review your investments and update any changes to your personal circumstances


How do you structure your fees?

Our fees are a fixed dollar based on the strategies and the scope of advice that you chose. These fees are always clearly set out throughout our advice process and reflect the work involved. As a client, you are always in control of the process and only need to commit to the next stage when you are completely comfortable.


Are you paid commissions?

We are paid commissions for Life Insurance products. These commissions assist cover the cost of implementing your cover and renewals, including negotiating with underwriters if required to get you the best outcome, and to cover the cost to support you and your application should you ever need to claim.

All commissions paid by product providers are similar in amounts and do not impact our choice of cover for your needs. Your needs determine this. These commissions, like all our fees will always be fully disclosed to you.


Are you aligned to certain products?

We work under a licensee called Synchron.

Synchron is a leading provider of risk management, superannuation and investment advisory services. Synchron is privately owned, and as such we enjoy the freedom to link the appropriate product or service to a client‘s needs. We have no direct affiliation with any Banks.

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